Croatian Forest Research Institute is managed by Management Board. The Management Board is composed of five members, three of them appointed by the Founder (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports), one member is selected among the members of Scientific Board and one is selected from employees of the Institute. The mandate of the Management Board members is two years.
The Management Board chairman is prof. Jura Čavlović, Ph.D. Other members appointed by the founder are: prof. Rade Knežević, Ph.D. and Vlatko Podnar, M.Sc., member appointed by the Scientific Board is Tomislav Dubravac, PhD. and member appointed by the employees is Hrvoje Marjanović, PhD.

Director General is selected by the public open call further to the Management Board decision for a mandate of four years. He/she is responsible for Institute’s legal issues.
The Director General is Dijana Vuletić, PhD and this is her second term.

Professional board of the Institute is Scientific Board. The Scientific Board consists of Director General, staff scientists and one representative of expert associates.
Chairman of the Scientific Board is Milan Pernek, PhD.

Institute’s organization and structure is determined by the Statute, the Regulations on the internal organization and the Regulations on the internal order. Conducting research and services at the Institute is organized in six Research Divisions, Common Affairs Service, Department for Nursery Production and three Regional Research Centers. Five laboratories are organized in one inter-division department – Department for Laboratory Analysis.