Since its early beginnings the CFRI develops its institutional international activity, through cooperation with foreign scientific organizations, research, international projects and expert cooperation, and through regular organisation of international scienetific symposiums and events. International programes and projects are part of Institute’s activity since the establishment of the Institute for Conifers in Jastrebarsko, forerunner of the CFRI. Fruitful cooperation continued up to nowadays, and progressively developed through international programmes and project activities in which we participate jointly with other renown international institutions and organisations: EFI, IUFRO, FAO, et al. In the contex of EU accession and integration processes, the CFRI is actively involving in the EU projects which represent a growing segment of our international activity. As a part of the Institute’s vision this is where we also see our future challenges. Initial bilateral cooperation with the forest research institutions from the region set path for the ongoing activities and gave foundations for future initiatives. It was also a platform for the establishment of the joint EFISEE-EFICEEC regional office of the European Forest Institute for the South-East Europe. Up to present day the Agreements on bilateral scientific cooperation were signed between the CFRI and following scientific institutions:
  • Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, Finland
  • Sankt-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy, Russia
  • Moscow State Forest University, Russia
  • Zentrum Wald-Forst-Holz, Weichenstephan, Freising, Germany
  • Faculty of Forestry Sciences Tirana, Albania
  • Faculty of Forestry Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Faculty of Forestry at University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Faculty of Forestry in Skopje, University of Ss.Kiril and Metodij, Macedonia
  • Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute for Forestry, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute for Lowland Forestry and Environment ILFE Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Hungarian Forest Research Institute ERTI, Hungary
Established regional network and cooperation resulted also with the 1st regional scientific journal in the field of forestry – South-east European forestry (SEEFOR). Scientific specialisation and study visits to foreign research and educational referential centres gave to our scientific staff and experts the possibility of knowledge exchange in renown international institutions. By adopting thestate-of-the-art research metodology, the prooved know-how and experiences of our foreign colleagues, we are implementing the aquired in our own context. Mobility of our researchers and visits of guest-lecturers and researchers contributes to this positive trend in our institute’s international cooperation. This allows us to remain part of the subsequent scientific flows and knowledge-exchange. International Scientific Symposiums and Meetings is one of the most dynamic segments of the CFI’s international activity. They are contributing to the exchange of experiences and contacts among experts, same as to developing of new partnerships and defining new platforms for future cooperation. Long and fruitful tradition of organizing international scientific symposiums, events and meetings is part of CFI tradition; with the domestic institutions-partners same as in cooperation with the renown international institutions and organisations (IUFRO, EFI, et al.).