Climate change is endangering the diversity of today’s forests in Central Europe. Thus climate change adaptation and protection of the environment are highly relevant. The natural adaptation to changing temperatures and extreme weather events are challenging for forest ecosystems due to long production periods. Adaptive silvicultural practices are required to sustain the forests’ ecological and economic functions. A promising strategy is planting alternative tree species or provenances to utilising the tree species’ inherent adaptive capacity. SUSTREE project (Sustainable utilization of forest genetic resources in climate change) aims at answering such questions and to promote issues of adaptive silvicultural practices in practical forestry and general public.

SUSTREE (sustainable trees) funded by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE is one of the perfect examples of cooperation in the Forestry sector in Central Europe, with 8 partners across 6 countries (Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Czech-Republic). This collaboration of forestry experts is to focus on the genetic diversity of forest tree seeds and seed transfer legislation across borders under the umbrella of climate change. As a result of this promising international cooperation project members prepared documentary movie on the threats that face European forests and the importance of assisted gene migration and adaptive silvicultural activities. The aim of the movie was to raise the awareness of scientists and general public on the importance of adaptation measures and the ideas how to successfully overcome present and raising problems. Movie premiere was set in Prague on March 28th, 2019.  We welcome you to see documentary movie, which is now available at: