Advanced FORest ENvironmental Services Assessment (AFORENSA)

HRZZ Research Projects

Jul 2014 - Jun 2017

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The main objective of AFORENSA is to generate relevant knowledge how the forest ecosystems in Croatia responds to observed extreme climatic variations, and what are possible future expectations in respect to the progression of climate change and disturbances of natural hydrologic cycle with intensification of drought frequency and severity. This objective is aimed to be resolved by implementing of the novel forest ecosystem assessment approach, applicable for the country scale, which incorporates: a) traditional in situ ecosystem survey (soil and vegetation), b) analysis of the functional state of the ecosystems by remote sensing, c) downscaling of the regional climatic models and d) coupling of scenario outputs with ecohydrological models on a site specific environmental settings. The core system on which AFORENSA activities will be build up, presents “Dynamical Geoinformation system of forest ecosystems in Croatia” (DYN-CROFOR), a technological project financed by the Ministry of Science and Education from 2003 to 2007. Aforensa is aiming at the inventory, and integration of terrestrial forest ecosystem research on the Web-Gis (DYN-CROFOR) platform incorporating automatized procedures for retrieving remote sensing data (such as MODIS and MERIS vegetation indices)  and with the  addition of incorporating Data mining procedures and the full power of R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Project workflow consists of four, interrelated, work packages: a) INVENTORY, b) AUTOMATIZATION, c) MINING, d) UPGRADING. AFORENSA will contribute with speeding-up of future exploratory forest ecosystem research, and with its capability of near real time data processing will present a basis for the development of “Forest watch”; an observatory for early determination of potentially harmful effects of Climate Change on forest ecosystem services such as biodiversity and water.



HRZZ Istraživački projekti (IP-11-2013)

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Croatian science fondation