The experimental plantation of chestnut – Gornja Bačuga

Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund

Jan 2013 - Dec 2015

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In areas where it occupies a larger area chestnut forms a valuable stands and is a lot more than usual tree. Around his tree, fruits and flowers, which provide excellent honey, has created an entire industry that brings high profits. In the ethnological sense chestnut often determines and shapes the folk customs such as chestnut festival from Lovran to Croatian Kostajnica.

The project aims: Find chestnut trees that bear large fruits. A variety of molecular-biological methods based on DNA markers will help us to determine whether the sizes of indigenous chestnut fruits are influenced by genetic or environmental factors. Analyze the fruit chestnut to the content of minerals, vitamins, monounsaturated fatty acids and others, and the values obtained were compared with other cultivars. Identify plant pests and diseases that attack the fruit.

The purpose of the project: If it is determined that the fruit size is genetically determined the aim is to protect the cultivar, multiply it, and give it a name from the area from which it come.
With the experimental plantation of chestnut varieties with large fruit of local origin, create conditions for growing the best quality chestnut seedlings for restoration chestnut forests and fruit production.
If the analysis of the chestnut fruit shows a favorable composition of minerals, higher values of useful vitamins and other substances sold of fruit and plants of that cultivar would be assured even in foreign markets.



Fond za zaštitu okoliša i energetsku učinkovitost

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Fond za zaštitu okoliša i energetsku učinkovitost