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Announcement of new COST Action CLIMO CA15226 (Climate-Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions)


The impacts of climate change on fragile forest ecosystems were the reason for trying out a new way of associating many European experts. New COST Action CA15226 CLIMO is initiated at the begining of the 2016 as a project aiming to develop a forestry concept at the European level that successfully integrates monitoring, mitigation and adaptation to Climate-Smart Forestry (CSF). The main objective of the action is to enable forestry to slow down the adverse impacts of climate change and to allow adaptation of forest systems to these changes, while taking into account the costs that this operation requires. The main objective of the Action is to define the CSF in the European context, to identify the criteria for defining the CSF and to create the European Forest Research Network which is governed by its principles. The estimated duration of the action is 4 years in the period from October 17, 2016 to October 16, 2020. The president of the action is prof. Roberto Tognetti (IT), and deputy chairman is Dr. Melanie Smith (UK). The members of the Management Committee for the Republic of Croatia are Martina Tijardović, PhD and Sanja Perić, PhD and Tomislav Dubravac, PhD as a substitute member of the Committee (Division for silviculture).


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