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The Croatian Forest Research Institute is a public scientific institution owned by the Republic of Croatia. The goals and tasks of the research are part of the National Program of Scientific Research of the Republic of Croatia and the Development Program of “Croatian forests” Ltd, Zagreb.

The basic goals are the preservation and protection of stability, productivity, biodiversity and genetic resources of forest ecosystems of the Republic of Croatia using natural regeneration and the achieved level of sustainable management.

The performance of research and services at the Institute is organized in six scientific divisions, a nursery production, a department for laboratory testing, three regional research centers and a joint service, with a total of about 85 employees.

Within the national framework, the Croatian Forest Research Institute closely cooperates with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia and “Croatian forests” Ltd, Zagreb.

As part of international cooperation, the Institute’s researchers participate in a number of international research projects and programs with numerous foreign institutions such as EFI, FAO, IUFRO, etc., as well as recently in the FP7 framework.

The strength of the institute with highly professional and scientific staff as well as a long tradition of scientific research in the field of forestry is represented by a large number of young researchers who actively participate in domestic and international scientific trends and thus contribute to further development of forestry science in the country and beyond.


The basic task of the Institute is scientific research in the field of biotechnical sciences – forestry and horticulture. The Institute implements scientific programs of strategic interest to the Republic of Croatia, and together with other scientific and higher education institutions, establishes a scientific infrastructure of interest to the entire system of scientific activity and higher education.
The program of the Institute consists of scientific programs of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia, contracted scientific projects, collaborative programs, publishing programs related to scientific research, lifelong learning and programs for the production and trade of horticultural material.


By conducting top scientific research, determine the position of the Croatian Forestry Institute as a basic national scientific organization in forestry in the Republic of Croatia as well as an important factor in Southeast Europe. Ensure the flow of knowledge and practice (know-how) into the economy, raise awareness of the role of forests, promote sustainable management and protection of forest resources.

Institutes’ History

1945. Organized scientific forest research in Croatia begins with the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the establishment of the Institute for Practical Forest Research based in Zagreb, which soon grows into the Institute for Forest and Hunting Research.

1947. The Institute for Afforestation and Karst Reclamation was founded in Split.

1959. The Division for Forest Seed Control in Rijeka was established.

1961. The Division for Conifers in Jastrebarsko was founded.

1964. The Division for Conifers in Jastrebarsko changes its name to the Yugoslav Institute for Conifers.

1974. The Forestry Institute, Jastrebarsko was established by merging the Institute for Forestry and Hunting Research, Zagreb, the Division for Forest Seed Control, Rijeka and the Yugoslav Institute for Conifers, Jastrebarsko.

1993. According to the Research Act of the Republic of Croatia Forestry Institute, Jastrebarsko is the property of the Republic of Croatia.

2009. Forestry Institute, Jastrebarsko changes its name to Croatian Forest Research Institute.
New internal organization of the Institute.
Establishment of Research Centers of the Croatian Forest Research Institute.

2010. The Croatian Forest Research Institute CFRI marks the 65th anniversary of scientific research activity in the scientific field of forestry.

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