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Research Centre for Urban and Private Forests

The specificity of forestry in northwestern Croatia is conditioned by the high proportion of private forests and the centuries-old tradition of park landscaping, which is primarily a reflection of the high population density. Private forests are characterized by fragmentation of property, property and legal issues and poor management. For this reason, numerous projects have been initiated by local authorities with the aim of improving the situation in private forests, primarily through the education of forest owners and the development of forest management plans. Significant park areas in northwestern Croatia, many of which have been designated as protected areas, are characterized by old age and poor maintenance, which is why a large proportion of trees are in poor health condition. Local authorities are interested in the design of such facilities in order to improve the health and recreational conditions for the population, and numerous studies are being done on the rehabilitation and revitalization of the parks.

The Center for Urban and Private Forests was established on September 1, 2008 in Varaždin, and in year 2022 it was moved to Koprivnica. It was established with the intention of linking forestry research activities to the needs of the local community in the area of ​​urban and private forests in order to ensure a unique and lasting management of forests and forest lands, regardless of ownership and depending on local specifics. The work of the Center is supported by the County of Varaždin, the County of Koprivnica-Križevci, the City of Varaždin, the City of Ivanec and the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values ​​of the Krapina-Zagorje County.

The Center for Urban and Private Forests focuses on research in the areas of forest protection, health of urban greenery and privately owned forests, but the Center is also open to other topics of interest to the local community related to trees, forests and forestry.


The activities of the Center for Urban and Private Forests are carried out within the framework of scientific and professional projects, of which we highlight:

– Seed Savings Bank and Genetic Bank of Forest Tree

– Expert control service in the production of forest reproductive material

– Health inspection of forest reproductive material in nurseries

– Reporting and forecasting jobs in forestry

– Special control program for quarantine organisms



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