Croatian Forest Research Institute (CFRI) is a leading national public research institution in the field of forestry. The Institute has its headquarters based in Jastrebarsko and is divided in six Scientific Divisions, six Laboratories, three Regional Research Centres and one Divison for nursery production.

CFRI implements top-quality scientific and applied research in the fields of forestry, forest ecology, wildlife ecology, forest policy and governance, forest management, silviculture, forest protection and other forest ecosystems goods and services. Because of the regional placement of its headquarter and research centres, the researches are conducted in various types of ecosystems – from Mediterranean, mountain, to lowland and fluvial ecosystems and is eligible partner in Adriatic region, Central and South-East Europe, Danube area, etc.

CFRI is highly experienced in forest ecosystems field assessment and data collection as well in creation of different protocols in forest typology. One of CFRI’s main goals is to ensure the continuous capacity building and the flow of know-how towards different stakeholders in the forestry and related sectors. Besides conducting research and scientific activity, the CFRI has also an important role in raising awareness on the role of forests, biodiversity of forest ecosystems, protection of forest resources, promotion of sustainable forest management (SFM) and natural resources, same as promoting cooperation and innovative approaches in SFM.

CFRI successfully cooperates with Croatian forestry sector (policy makers, practitioners and researchers), as well as with a range of NGOs, SMEs, nature protection, educational and research organizations in Croatia and abroad. The vision of the CFRI is to affirm its position as the key national scientific organization in the field of forestry and became a referential research institute in South-East Europe.

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