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Research Centre for forest ecosystem goods and services “Josip Ressel”

Forests and forest land are a specific nature resource and with forest ecosystem goods require specific method of management. Forest ecosystem goods are: protection of soil from water and wind erosion, balance of water relations in the landscape and preventing floods and high water waves, water purification through forest land and supply of underground streams and springs with potable water, favorable climate and farming activity, purification pollution of the air, impact on the beauty of landscapes, the creation of favorable conditions for human health, the provision of relax and recreational facilities, the development of ecological, hunting and rural tourism, the conservation of the genus of forest trees and other species of forest biocenosis, the conservation of the biological diversity of the species, ecosystems and landscape, supporting the general and special nature protection (national parks, etc.) of the forest landscape, mitigating the effect of “greenhouse atmosphere” by bonding carbon and enrichment of the environment with oxygen, general protection and improvement of the human environment by the existence of forest ecosystems as a biological capital of great value and its importance in defending the country and the development of local communities.

Research Centre for Forest Ecosystem Goods and Services “Josip Ressel” of the Croatian Forest Research Institute (CFRI) has been operating since 2008 and is located in Pazin. It currently employs 4 graduate forestry engineers engaged in scientific and research work, EU projects and other international and national projects, as well as assisting in data collection for scientific research projects of the CFRI. It is important to note that the employees of the Center from Pazin are carrying out continuous education of elementary and high school students in the entire region. The work of the Centre is supported by the Istrian Region and Hrvatske šume d.o.o. Forestry Department of the Buzet branch.


Activities of the Research Centre for forest ecosystem goods and services “Josip Ressel”are carried out within scientific and tehnical projects, of which we mention:

  • Exploration of mushrooms and hypogeous mushrooms in the forest ecosystems of Istria,
  • Creation of a sustainable development and management strategy for truffles in Istria,
  • Monitoring and control in the production of forest reproductive material.



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