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About research centres in general

Research centres were established in 2008. on the basis of the Agreement on Cooperation and Joint Performance concluded by the relevant Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, the Jastrebarsko Forestry Institute, Hrvatske šume d.o.o. and the regional and local self – government units signed on 29. October 2007 .
Research centres were established with the intention of connecting research activities in the field of forestry with the needs of the local community and colleagues from the forestry profession to ensure sustainable management of forests and forest lands in order to apply and improve the achievements of the forestry profession through scientific research.
The research centres are located in Pazin – Centre for Forest Ecosystem Godds and Services “Josip Ressel”, Koprivnica – Center for Urban and Private Forests, and Vinkovci – Center for Lowland Forests, and deal with research related to local specifics of forestry in the areas of activity.

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