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For many years, the Croatian Forestry Institute has been active internationally through cooperation with foreign scientific institutions and organizations, through international scientific and professional projects, scientific research and training, bilateral cooperation and the organization of domestic and international scientific conferences, workshops and workshops.

International programs and projects are part of the Institute’s activities in which we participate with reputable international institutions such as IUFRO, FAO, EFI, MED-framework, the seventh framework program of the EU FP7, and the Horizon 2020 program ( Horizon 2020 ). In the modern context, the development of new partnerships and the development of various forms of international cooperation HŠI is actively involved in projects funded by the European Union which certainly represent a further challenge for the development of HŠI at the international level.

Bilateral cooperation as a continuation of good traditional cooperation with institutions of a similar profile, it set guidelines for future inter-institutional cooperation, primarily in the region, but also beyond. Designed within a common platform already signed Agreement on bilateral scientific cooperation, to date, it has been concluded with the following institutions:

  • Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, Finland,
  • Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy, Russia,
  • Moscow State Forest University, Russia,
  • Wald-Forst-Holz Center, Weichenstephan, Freising, Germany,
  • Agency of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water, Administration; Forestry Directory, Albania,
  • Faculty of Forestry Sciences Tirana, Albania,
  • Faculty of Forestry Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Faculty of Forestry in Skopje, University of Sv. Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia,
  • Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, University of Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Institute of Forestry, Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment ILFE Novi Sad, Serbia,
  • Hungarian Forest Research Institute ERTI, Hungary.

Networking and established cooperation with institutions of similar profiles from the region, resulted in the establishment of the first regional scientific journal in forestry – South-east European forestry (SEEFOR) .

As a logical sequence of bilateral cooperation, we are witnessing the development and multilateral cooperation HŠI, which is being developed through current projects and future project proposals and as such certainly represents a further challenge for our institute.

Scientific training and study visits renowned research and educational centers, provided our scientific and professional staff with the opportunity for specialization and further training in reference international institutions. With the adoption of modern research methodology, know-how and exchange of knowledge and experiences, they are successfully implemented further. Researcher mobility and guest appearances by foreign scientists and lecturers continues this positive trend in the international cooperation of our Institute, thus striving to participate in contemporary scientific trends.

International scientific conferences and conferences (International Scientific Symposiums and Meetings) are one of the most dynamic segments of HŠI’s international activity. In 2011 We organized an international conference within the FP7 project RoK-FOR on the topic: “Forest biomass as a renewable energy source: Strengthening regional cooperation and cluster development for new opportunities”, 26-28.2011. Zagreb.

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