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The right of access to information which are held, managed or overseen by Croatian Forest Research Institute is regulated by the Law on the Right of Access to Information (Official Gazette 25/2013). The Law regulates the principles of the right of access to information, restrictions to the right of access to information, the procedure of exercising  and protection of the right of access to information. The objective of this Law is to enable and ensure access to information to natural persons and legal entities, through openness and publicity of actions taken by public authority bodies.

Natural persons and legal entities shall exercise the right of access to information by submitting a spoken or written request to the competent body. For submitting the request in writing, it is necessary to fill an Application Form for Access to Information which can be sent:

  • to the address of the Croatian Forest Research Institute: Cvjetno naselje 41, HR-10450 Jastrebarsko, Croatia;
  • to the fax number: +385 (0)1 6273 035;
  • to the email address: ured@sumins.hr or
  • or submitted in person to the registry book of the Croatian Forest Research Institute on weekdays from 8:30 to 13:30 hours.

When submitting the application it is not required to pay an additional fee with the form.

A request for access to information, to be valid, must necessarily contain:

  • beneficiary’s statement in which he is invoking on the Law on the right of access to information,
  • name and address of the public authority body which the request shall be submitted to,
  • data relevant for recognising the requested information,
  • name, surname and address of the natural person submitting the request,
  • company name, i.e. name of the legal entity and its address.

In the case of incomplete request the public authority body shall reject the request.

The submitter of the request is not obliged to mention any reasons for requesting access to information, and in the request for information, the beneficiary may indicate an adequate way of obtaining information.

For more information, please call the information official at the telephone number: +385 (0)1 6273 000.


iTransparentnost: https://transparentno.hsi.otvorenigrad.hr/isplate/sc-isplate

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