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Interreg REFOCuS – Collection of forest reproductive material from black alder plus trees


Two-day fieldwork took place in Kloštar Podravski (Croatia) from 3rd to 4th January 2019 in the organization of Croatian Forest Research Institute.

Despite the unfavourable weather conditions (wind and cold), our intrepid tree climbers collected about 30 kg of forest reproductive material (cones and seeds) from black alder plus trees. These trees were previously selected according to common methodology established by project partners. The permission for collection was given by Croatian forest management company Hrvatske šume Ltd, forest office Kloštar Podravski, which is one of the crucial stakeholders in REFOCuS project.

Seed will be extracted and stored in the regional seed bank of riparian species hosted by Croatian Forest Research Institute. Establishment of regional seed bank of riparian tree species contributes to one of the project’s main goals which is to increase availability of quality forest reproductive material of most important riparian species.

For more information about the project check the web and Facebook page.



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