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Project meeting of the project Investigating social aspects of urban forestry in Croatia and Slovenia


The meeting took place in Zagreb on 17-18 October 2018 in the premisses of the Croatian Forestry Society. The project is funded by bilateral Croatian and Slovenian cooperation in science and technology and involve researchers from Croatian Forest Research Institute and Slovenian Forestry Institute. Croatian team is represented by Dr. Silvija Krajter Ostoić (Croatian coordinator) and employees of the Department for international scinetific cooperation in Southeast Europe – EFISEE, namely Dr. Dijana Vuletić, Marta Curman (expert professional), Ana Marija Marin and Martina Kičić (doctoral students). Our current task in the project is extensive literature review of urban forest(ry) related literature in Croatian and Slovenia with emphasis on literature covering social aspects. The Slovenian team was represented by Dr. Anže Japelj (Slovenian coordinator) and Dr. Špela Planinšek. Croatian team is funded by Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and Slovenian by Slovenian Research Agency.  We planned one more research visit of Slovenian colleagues by the end of this year.


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