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Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection (HOLISTIC)

International project

PROGRAMME: IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme

STATUS: Finished
Project start: 01. Oct 2013.
Project end: 30. Sep 2016.
Contract body: Europska Komisija


HOLISTIC project focuses on the prevention and damages mitigation of the natural risks, with special focus on wildfire and earthquake risks, aiming at improvement, promotion and strengthening of institutional capabilities in implementing policies and actions to reducing the causes and potential start of natural breakdowns to improve reaction and intervention readiness, to reduce the damages in areas of regions facing the Adriatic.

The project plans to develop common guidelines and standard procedures for policy and institutional enhancement, Legislative and institutional regulations, prevention management codes and procedures in the domain of sustainable fire protection and prevention and public and historical buildings earthquake protection.

They will lead to improved:

  • legislation by the national and/or regional public bodies,
  • codes of conduct by the Forest, Fire Fighting and Civil Protection Administration/Corps,
  • operational methods by all technical and academic bodies involved in the project as beneficiaries and associates, as well as enhanced educational capacities.

They will therefore ensure political sustainability after the end of the project in order to guarantee a long term benefits and impacts to the directly involved territories.

The project plans to develop and experiment model by pilot projects of:

  • Monitoring, surveillance and fire outbreaks early warning system
  • Wood life cycle
  • Indirect prevention campaign
  • Fire risks predictive models and algorithms
  • Buildings’ real-time seismic vulnerability inspection and monitoring.

The above outputs/results will be put in place by operational and academic bodies, which have dedicated expertise and skills in the specific topics and will be left in inheritance to the Regional/Local public bodies where pilot programs will be realized. The above public structures, that have by law the responsibility for these problems will ensure institutional sustainability of project outputs as well as by involvement of key institutional representatives in the work of Technical Committees formed within the project and thoroughly planned concentrated dissemination activities in each of the countries involved, to gain full understanding and participation in decision making process on technical solutions requiring further maintenance and upgrade.

The public administrative bodies and operational bodies have specific budgeted items of expenditure dedicated to prevention, intervention, reduction and restoration of damages from natural risks. Strong involvement of respective national and regional bodies and ministries especially in East Adriatic countries (IPA) will contribute to enhancement of overall capacity to plan various extension complementary measures for follow-up actions along the eligible territory.

Special work package is reserved for awareness raising activities to be undertaken by local stakeholders with the aim to achieve local ownership of the project and its results.

With aims to aggregate significant added value and gain synergies, the project will account the experiences and results from previous EU projects and the experience made by many Beneficiaries who participated in projects addressed to the same theme of Holistic project.





PROGRAMME: IPA Adriatic Program prekogranične suradnje


  • Albanija
  • Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Crna Gora
  • Hrvatska
  • Grčka
  • Italija
  • Slovenija
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