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Survey of pinewood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Steiner and Buehrer, Nickle et al.)

Domestic project

PROGRAMME: Programme of Special Supervision for 2014

STATUS: Finished
Project start: 01. Jan 2014.
Project end: 31. Dec 2014.
Contract body: Ministarstvo poljoprivrede RH


Survey program of pinewood nematode (PWN) – Bursaphelenchus xylophilus is a continuation of a program implemented since 2005. The program encompasses survey whether there is infestation by PWN and the extent to which its vectors are present on territory of Croatia.

The program will be cover the counties in whose areas forests composed of plant species that may be hosts of PWN are present.

In previous investigations no infection by PWN is found or confirmed, but presence of potential vectors is confirmed on several localities. Therefore, in 2014. New surveys will be performed on various forest stand localities.

As before, particular attention will be paid to forest areas near the major sea ports (Rijeka, Split, Ploce) because of the risk of introduction of PWN via wood packaging material, which comes from countries where the nematode exist, as well as spread by vector that is present in our country.


PROGRAMME: Program posebnog nadzora za 2014. godinu


  • Šumarska inspekcija
  • Fitosanitarna inspekcija
  • Hrvatski centar za poljoprivredu hranu i selo - Zavod za zaštitu bilja
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