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The future of a forest-based bioeconomy in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (FORSCEE)

International project


STATUS: Finished


FORSCEE strives to activate the potential of the Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European region to develop towards a forest-based bioeconomy. There is a central notion that this region is lagging behind in the development of bioeconomy strategies, and there is still a deficit in the connectivity of the research community. FORSCEE wants to overcome both aspects: stipulate a high-level policy support activity for forest-based bioeconomy, and engaging the research network in the region to work in a proven EFI context. The goals of the project are to (i) initiate a discourse on a forest-based bioeconomy in the CEE and SEE regions, (ii) to connect science and policy in a tailor-made form for the region, (iii) to mobilise the EFI network to provide sound policy support for bioeconomy development in the region, (iv) to encourage exchange on experiences and obstacles for further pursuing Bioeconomy strategies from science to policy, (v) facilitate a high-level policy support for the region in a central regional bioeconomy event.

PROGRAMME: EFI network project


  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria, leading institution
  • Croatian Forest Research Institute CFRI, Croatia;
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry, Croatia
  • Forest Research Institute, Poland
  • University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Finland
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • University of Belgrade-Faculty of Forestry, Serbia
  • National Forest Centre, Slovakia
  • University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic
  • Universita degli Studi del Molise, Italy
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