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CULTUR-ES project participated in the workshop of the INTERREG DANUBE project URBforDAN


Dr. Silvija Krajter Ostoić presented CULTUR-ES project on the partner meeting and workshop of the URBforDAN project. Doctoral students, who are part of the CULTUR-ES research group, participated as well. She was invited as a local expert by Croatian Forests Ltd., who are beside the City of Zagreb one of the project partners. Project aims to map commonly agreed ecosystem services in selected urban forests (both supply side and site potentials) among other. Zagreb’s park-forest Grmoščica is one of the pilot sites. Project partners are cities and their urban forest management companies mainly from Danube region. Participatory approaches in mapping of ecosystem services as well as collaboration between those who map and those who will use the results of mapping are of utmost importance. CULTUR-ES aims among other to give recommendations to city administration and management companies on how to include results of mapping to improve green infrastructure planning and management. Hence, networking during this workshop was valuable experience for us. It alowed better understanding of their needs. The whole-day workshop took place in Zagreb Zoo in park Maksimir.

URBforDAN_Presentation_Krajter Ostoić_12_12_2018

Photo: Helena Jakobović


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