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The third CIA2SFM project meeting was hosted by IRMO on November 30, 2016 in Zagreb


The third CIA2SFM project meeting attended the representatives of partner organizations from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, who presented selected topics for the future training courses. Based on selected and described topics, trainers will design materials for e-learning that will be uploaded on the online platform, LMS Moodle.
E-learning platform is already used by some of the partner organizations (IRMO, BOKU and BFW) so they shared their experiences to partners.
IRMO as a host of the meeting and one of platform user organized a short course for participants in order to make e-learning platform (LMS Moodle) easier to use for selected trainers.
The meeting was under the supervision of the employee of Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

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Dear colleagues and friends, in order to organize the conference ‘in-person’, as it was traditionaly organized till now, we would like to inform you that the International scientific and…