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Carbon balance drafting and new resources management tools according to Kyoto Protocol

International project


STATUS: Finished
Project start: 01. Apr 2006.
Project end: 31. Dec 2007.
Contract body: Europska Komisija (Brisel)


The aim of CARBON-PRO is to share best practices for the sustainable management of agricultural and forest systems as well as the exchange of methods, systems and tools for the management of agricultural and forestry resources in the CADSES area. The results of the project will enable the public partners of CADSES Region to better fulfill their responsibilities in promoting the binding and permanent storage of carbon. Therefore, they will be able to further develop their existing environmental policy in conjunction with the efforts of other countries that implement the Kyoto Protocol.

The project comprises three areas:

  • Creation of a database of all agricultural and forest landscapes in the regions
  • Development of various models for the public partners to improve environmental policy
  • Project management and dissemination of project results
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