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Special supervision of forest reproductive material in nurseries

Domestic project

STATUS: Ongoing
Contract body: Hrvatske šume d.o.o.


Forest reproductive material represents basis for all activities related to forest establishment (afforestation of available forest areas and abandoned agricultural land, burned areas, landfills, queries, protective belts and help to natural regeneration). Increase of negative influences on natural ecosystems together with increase of public needs for all functions which forests provide open the space for more intensive nursery production in the future. This is the reason why forest reproductive material and afforestation in the future should have more pronounced significance in the Croatian economy if we take into the account the fact that besides utilization of forest products, ecological and other services forests also provide economical benefits in the frame of signed EU agreements.

Croatian Forest Research Institute was established during 1960-s with the aim of forest culture establishment with different purposes and was the leading institution in production of forest reproduction material. From the 1992 Institute continually conducts expert supervision of nursery production which points to real needs not only in artificially established forest cultures but in natural stands as well. The nurseries supervision is conducted in all registered nurseries for FRM production in Croatia and is appointed by the Ministry of agriculture. The data collected during supervision of FRM production which is conducted by CFRI was used for analysis of forest tree seedlings production.

Based on the reported production by individual nurseries monitoring of produced tree species by its origin, silvicultural methods, health conditions and amount of produced plants was conducted annualy. These data are the basis for issuing related documents (Minute of conducted expert supervision and FRM List). According to already mentioned data on seedling production descriptive statistics was conducted for the past five, ten or twenty year period. All monitoring data according to nurseries, tree species and cultivation methods fulfilled with overview on production trends from the beginning of expert supervision are significant for analysis of past production. In general, insight into production of FRM highlights the real needs not only connected with artificially establishment of forest cultures but also with related problems in natural regeneration. Estimations of future nursery production and all available areas suitable for afforestation will be harmonized with Strategy of rural development 2014-2020. Special overview was given to the total seedling production of all nurseries and cultivation methods in the last years in addition with analyses of pioneer species which are suitable for establishment of forest cultures.




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